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As the Seventh installment in the Dead rising series, with 8 extreme chapters and an overtime mode, Dead rising 3 is an intense game with the most zombies I have ever seen in any video game ever and it’s fantastic spitfire of living dead armies is only superseded by all the hog wild, phenomenal outline. Not only is it riddled with a surplus of gruesome creatures to destroy and have an incredible outline, but it also has the chance for FIVE different potential endings! (Personally, I’ve only managed to get to three of them, and they were all pretty cool, but my favorite is definitely Ending “S”)

The Zombies

The living dead brigade of zombies is RAMPANT! Dead bodies litter the street and there are so many zombies coming at you at any and every given moment that sometimes it seems there’s nowhere to move. Though this may sound like a bad thing, it’s actually awesome because it gives you the literal need to kill. With an array of different, cool, and sometimes extremely bizarre weapons at hand, you have the capability of slaughtering, dismembering, beheading, ripping zombies to shreds, and blowing them to smithereens the possibilities are endless. It’s not like other games where you get bored from walking around for half of an hour trying to find something to kill, Dead Rising 3 is an uproar of madness flinging itself at you from every insane angle imaginable. It’s adrenaline shocking and in your face constantly, with full football teams of creatures trying to kill you. If you like zombies, weapons, and killing zombies with weapons, this is undoubtedly the best game for you and an indefinite cause for an overwhelming burning desire to run out and buy a copy of the game asap. And that’s understandable! There’s more blood than a slaughterhouse and more zombies than Shaun of the Dead!

Wonderful Weapons


dead rising weapons

LCD Monitor + KEG = Sentry Cat

Of course, understandably so, you’re gonna want to know what weapons there are for you to use to derail this conglomeration of corpses. Well, you can be pleased to hear there are 16 categories of weapon to choose from and an abundance of each sort. You can choose from the following categories:

  • Axe
  • Blunt
  • Blade
  • Bow
  • Chemical
  • Electronic
  • Explosive
  • Firearm
  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Mechanical
  • Miscellaneous
  • Novelty
  • Polearms
  • Pushable
  • Thrown

No need to feel concerned about a potentially lame arsenal of weapons, like so many pathetic games, Dead Rising 3 has you covered! And the best part is you don’t even have to kill something or buy to get a new weapon like so many other games; you can make your own! In fact, sometimes you’re required to do just that.

A Taste of the Game;
Chapter 0 (Dead End)
chapter 0
Serving as a tutorial for the game, The first chapter “Dead End” works as an introduction to the mechanics of Dead Rising 3. In Chapter 0 your character, Nick, must perform the following thirteen missions:

1. Eating a bagel and a snack to restore health
2. Finding and picking up the Large Wrench
3. Using his Large Wrench to break through the gate so that he can move on
4. Searching his area before moving onward for any sort of supplies, weapons, and food he can find
5. Explore through the tunnels after breaking his way through the second door
6. After he finds his way to the Quarantine Area,
he will have to try to find a way to escape by following the objective markers

7. There will be an airplane crash. After this happens,
Nick will have to locate the survivors by finding his way to a specific diner.

8. Once the diner falls under attack, Nick will have to quickly make a weapon by combining a sledgehammer
and a Cement Saw

9. Escape to Rhonda’s garage in Ingleton
10. Lower the barricade
11. After lowering the barricade, Nick will have to get into a SUV.
12. Once everyone is at Rhonda’s garage, she will start to fix a TV.
At this time Nick will be expected to explore the town outside

13. Go back to Rhonda and talk to her at Wrench-O-Rama

As well, there are two side missions you can choose whether or not you wish to embark on such as “Signs of Safety” where you collect cans of spray paint for a woman, and “Garden of Peace” where you fight Harry “Zhi” Wong. If you choose to take part in these quests -which are actually really fun and entertaining- you have to get them done before going back to Wrench-O-Rama and talking to Rhonda, because after you talk to her the chapter will end and you will be sent to the first official chapter “Made in America” which takes place during the second day of the zombie outbreak.

From here on, you will be presented a number of missions and possible side missions through out the game as Nick and embark on a tremendous journey destroying living dead monsters that want to kill you at every turn.

Besides a few technical developments where you might get stuck behind a wall for a few seconds or have a slight virtual skip, Dead Rising 3 is perfection incarnate and is by far one of the best zombie games ever made. With overwhelming possibilities and opportunities, gross quantity of zombies, and the fantastic concept of having multiple potential endings that reflect your decisions in the game, Dead Rising 3 is superb and powerful. You can sit down and wind up playing all day without even noticing thanks to how hypnotizing and fast paced everything about the game is. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning to play and get so involved that you forget to do absolutely everything outside of destroying truck loads of evil, ultimately maddening zombies and race through epic objectives till 3am the next day. It’s happened to me I can assure you. All in all, Dead Rising 3 is an impressive, horrifyingly breath-taking creation that will make you overjoyed.


The Verdict


Destiny Review

destiny box artBungie has been the leader in the video game world for quite some time now. Their massive success with the Halo franchise really gave them a launching pad for more continued success. They have been hailed as one of the greatest game development companies in the world, and this sets expectations very high for those who are looking for new releases from their company. Many of their Halo games have gone down in the books of gamer’s as legendary classics that will be fun to play for many years. One of Bunige’s latest releases, Destiny, has been the talk of the gamer world for some time.

There have been many mixed reviews when it comes to this new game. Many individual gamers were waiting for Bugie’s release to be an instant classic. This is what they usually expect when it comes to a Bungie release. These high expectations were met by some gamers, but others felt somewhat of a let down from this game. Here in this article we will go over some of the different aspects of the game and see why there were such mixed reactions to this new title, Destiny.

The first look at Destiny shows a Halo type world, fully equipped with armor suits, lush landscapes, and crisp graphics. Right out of the gate, this game looks to be a great title that will keep users captivated throughout the game play. Even with early beta releases, game reviewers online were very hopeful for the full gameplay of this title. It started to look like Bungie had done it again, with a title that would be universally accepted by the gamer community as an instant classic. However, flashy graphics and awesome armor suits weren’t enough to keep every gamer happy with this new title. It could have been due to the massively high expectations of the release, or just because of some serious game play flaws.

destiny venus
First off, let’s look at one of the main features of Destiny that many players can agree on, the art design. From the cut scenes, to the explosions, all the way to the beautiful cityscapes, this game has nearly mastered the use of available graphics processors to bring users the most impressive and beautiful experience while blasting through enemies. Bungie has really taken their mastery of graphics processors to the next level with this beautiful game.

When we are looking directly at the gameplay, we can say that this game is pretty much like Halo meets Boarderlands. You are maneuvering your character through a fast paced world, which is very similar to the Halo structure, but in this game you have more freedom to chart your own path rather than just following the one set for you in the original Halo series. This gives players a way to really explore more of the world that they are a part of after or before blasting through all of the enemies. This game also takes the MMORPG feature that is found in Boarderlands and Skyrim and implements this into the gaming structure. This truly creates a fuller gaming experience for the user.

Desiny Gameplay

In an open world map where you can connect with many different users online, you can spend countless hours leveling up and customizing your character. This makes for the feeling that the game can never really end. This is a concept that was very well tapped into with the game Skyrim. Destiny is trying to crate a world similar to Skyrim, where there is just so much to do that you will never reach the end of the game.

With this concept, great graphics, and seemingly flawless gameplay, you would think that the reviews would pretty much be universally great for this new game. However, there are gamers online who are very disappointed with this new title from Bungie. The main complaint from gamers universally is how repetitive the game is. When it comes down to it, this seems to be a game where you must kill X amount of enemies, and activate Y amount of items. These types of games can get very boring very fast. It is important to keep the user intrigued throughout the whole game, and Destiny just isn’t doing this.

Overall, this game is pretty great. Other than the repetitive nature of the battles, there isn’t much to complain about with this game. The graphics are top notch, the voice acting is up to par, and the overall gameplay is very user friendly. If you aren’t bothered with repetition, this could probably be a great game for you. However, if you are looking for a game that will stimulate your mind a little bit more in the problem solving realm, you may want to look elsewhere for your gaming entertainment.

A power struggle at the beginning of an atomic age. A revolutionary new technology. Who will use it to build the deadliest arsenal and become the world’s dominant superpower?

The Manhattan Project is a low-luck, mostly open information efficiency game in which players compete to build and operate the most effective atomic bomb program. Players do not “nuke” each other, but conventional air strikes are allowed against facilities.

The game features worker placement with a twist; There are no rounds and no end-of-round administration. Players retrieve their workers when they choose to or are forced to (by running out).  An espionage action allows a player to activate and block an opponent’s building, representing technology theft and sabotage.

The Manhattan Project is already ranked under 320 at BGG.

This kickstarter campaign is all about funding this new Mega Expansion for the base game. It will contain several mini-expansions in one box…

Components: 7 cards plus rules


Pakistan – 1 Worker
Discard one of your Bomb Designs to the bottom of the Bomb Design deck. Then collect $10 or 5 Aircraft or 6 Yellowcake from the General Supply.

Australia – 3 Workers
Collect 1 Yellowcake for each Mine, damaged or undamaged, occupied or unoccupied, owned by your opponents.

India – 2 Workers
Pay a player to use his University. You must pay $1 per worker shown in the output. Do not place workers on the University; simply collect the output as if you had. You may use an occupied University, but not a damaged one.

South Africa – 1 Engineer
Dismantle a bomb by placing a Damage Counter on it and paying its loading cost. Each dismantled bomb is worth 5 additional points. Dismantled bombs cannot be loaded or tested, and cannot be dismantled twice.

North Korea – 1 Scientist + 1 Yellowcake
After you activate this card, the other players may choose to give you $3. If they do not, you may collect 1 Uranium or 1 Plutonium.

Israel – 1 Worker
Build a bomb ignoring its Scientist requirement or its Engineer Requirement. This ability cannot be used when building an H-Bomb.

Brazil – 1 Worker
Exchange any of the following for another between your Personal Supply and the General Supply: 1 Fighter, 1 Bomber, $3, and 2 Yellowcake.


5 rocket track boards (1/player)
5 rocket counters (1/player)


When you place a Scientist and an Engineer in the Design Bomb space on the Main Board, instead of the regular Design Bomb Action you may choose to build a Rocket Factory.

Rockets have 2 uses. During an air strike, you may use a Rocket instead of a Bomber to damage an opponent’s building. They work exactly the same as Bombers except they may even be used against an opponent who still has Fighters in his supply.

The other use for Rockets is for loading bombs. Here, they may also be used instead of Bombers. When loading a Bomb using a Rocket, the money portion of the cost is double the normal value shown on the bomb, but the points obtained from loading are also doubled. To show this, take 2 Loaded Bomb counters from the supply instead of 1 and place it on the same face-up Bomb card in your supply.


5 H-Bomb Cards (named by pledgers here!)
5 Lithium Deuteride Plants (cards):
25 (approx.) Lithium Deuteride Cubes


During the game, when you take a Design Bomb action, instead of choosing a regular Bomb you may instead secretly place 2 of the available bombs on the BOTTOM of the Bomb deck, and then take one of the available H-Bomb Cards. Note that since you have removed 2 cards, you will only receive the H-Bomb card and not the 2 Bomb cards that you would normally receive. Each player is allowed to take multiple H-Bomb cards through successive Design Bomb actions. When the H-Bomb cards have run out, then the alternative H-Bomb Design action will not be available.

H-Bomb cards work exactly like regular PLUTONIUM bombs. You keep them in your hand (or face down in your supply) until you are able to and wish to build them. The only differences are the additional requirement of Lithium Deuteride in addition to Plutonium AND that the high point value is actually “WIN,” meaning the game is over and you have won! LD is produced by LD plants, which work exactly like Mines – except they produce LD instead of yellowcake.


The following stretch goals have been met from our Kickstarter, so we’ll be including them here as well!

Player reference cards. Not to be nearly as busy as these but they are examples of what we’re talking about.


A simple overlay board to allow you to dial up or down the amount of air strikes. One side would have only 1 worker slot, the other side would have 3. Below is an example of the area that would be covered.

General Supply Board with space for Bomb Cards, Yellowcake, and Money. There is a lot, but we hope to include stuff from the expansion as well.

(Image coming soon)

We were saving this for another expansion, but if we can kick this campaign in high gear, we’ll add it to the Mega Expansion! Famous people from history come to life in the game. These are cool roles you choose each time you pull back and have persistent powers. These roles will most likely (not yet set in stone) be:

1. Leslie Groves (engineers)

2. J. Robert Oppenheimer (scientists)

3. Curtis Lemay (air strikes)

4. Klaus Fuchs (espionage)

5. Kenneth Nichols (construction)

6. Leo Szilard (reactor / enrichment plant operation)

7. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (counter-espionage)